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Most generic sales trainers rely on tricks, especially second-hand sports stories or metaphors to impress their audience. Game Face doesn’t have to make up an analogy or regurgitate something out of a book. We are THE sports sales trainer, and our effective methods are the attention-grabbers.

All salespeople – regardless of industry – immediately respond to the Game Face approach, not only because it works, but because it’s engaging and memorable! Whether training a group of sports enthusiasts or not, our real, behind-the-headlines examples apply to any sales environment. We deliver skills-based training that drives results.


In actuality, most corporate “sales training” is either motivational speaking or product training. While motivational speakers may be entertaining and occasionally inspiring, the average observer walks away discovering that motivation without direction leads to frustration: They understand what they should do, but they still lack the tools for how to do it.

Further, product training instructs us in the merits of our unique product, but it unwittingly promotes a product-centric (or, listen to me) approach.  

Game Face sales training teaches salespeople not to focus on their product, but to emphasize the results their products bring. Salespeople, finding this refreshing skills-based training transformational in its approach, soon discover that product-centric selling is self-serving, but results-centered selling is the best way to serve the customer.


Game Face's renowned Seven Skills to a Successful Sale™ enhances salespeople's ability to expertly make and renew a sale from start to finish. Game Face will walk your team through an intuitive process of making phone calls or visits, working with gatekeepers, engaging in thoughtful assessing, resolving objections effectively, obtaining referrals consistently, servicing, and much more. 

Hundreds of organizations worldwide have turned to Game Face's Seven Skills to expand revenues and exceed goals. Our proven methodology has been tested for over 25 years through diverse industries, cultures, and languages. Talk with us about a tailor-made proposal to bring the Seven Skills to your office.

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