game face: /geym feys/

adjective – describing a highly motivated, well-prepared, driven individual who wants to win; traditionally reserved for athletes – now expected of executives


Game Face is a consulting and training firm with roots in the sports business.

Launched in 1995 in Portland, Oregon, by Rob Cornilles following his success selling for “the worst franchise in sports history (Sports Illustrated cover story, 4/17/00),” Game Face is now headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. We boast a diverse clientele of sports franchises, college athletic departments, and companies in the media, manufacturing, financial services, hi-tech, retail, electronics industries and more.

Renowned for a proprietary sales methodology that one 35-year NBA executive described as “the way I want to be sold to,” Game Face has grown into a trusted advisor for both young professionals and seasoned executives. Its list of services reflects not only a unique blend of experience and knowledge, but also a level of trust with clients rare among consultants today.

Founder & CEO

Rob Cornilles has been invited to share his expertise with more team front offices than any person in sports, giving him unprecedented access to decision-makers and a witness to best (and worst) practices in sports. Rob parlayed his challenge of marketing and selling Los Angeles Clippers tickets in the early 90s to become known as the “sales coach for sports.” As early clients began recommending him to businesses outside of sports, corporate America quickly learned how his proprietary system helps salespeople sell any product or service imaginable, regardless of past or present performance.
After logging nearly two million miles in Game Face’s first dozen years, in 2009 Rob decided to stay home and respond to the prodding of others and run for US Congress. Though nominated by his party, he was unsuccessful in the general election. The experience, however, proved to be unimaginably beneficial as Rob gained the unique experience of performing in high-pressure environments, whether media interviews, town halls, fundraisers, or presentations to members of Congress and Washington influencers.

Observing Rob’s abilities in such an intense and public setting, ESCO Corporation, a multi-national, $1.3B firm, invited him in 2012 to lead their IPO effort. He accepted the challenge, convinced it would further hone his skills. He is now an even more valuable consultant and trainer to his clients, having also led ESCO’s corporate marketing and communications division.

Over the years, Rob has been a featured presenter for various leagues and bodies, business associations and conferences around the globe. College campuses, too, call on him to share his insights on sales and the business of sports.

Recently named an adjunct faculty teaching business development and sales leadership to MBAs in the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University, Rob has also served as a visiting professor at the Rawlings Sport Business Management program at Maryville University in St. Louis since 2012. He has also appeared at such distinguished institutions as Purdue’s Krannert School of Management, University of Texas, the Cary School of Business at Arizona State University, the University of Oregon’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, and Ohio University.

Rob’s ideas have been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times, ESPN.com and many local publications. He has appeared twice as a guest on FOX News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, as well as countless local and national radio programs.

Global Impact

The map below shows some of the markets in which Rob and Game Face have served an expansive clientele.